• Materials: Semi Precious Stone, Handmade Brass Earwire
  • Available Colors: (White) Moonstone, (Ivory) Ivory Riverstone, (Linen) Fossil Coral, (Light Green) Prehnite, (Aqua) Russian Amazonite, (Ivy) Kambaba Jasper, (Ocean) Kyanite, (Blue) Lapis, (Light Gray) Grey Feldspar, (Silver) Pyrite, (Dark Gray) Labradorite, (Pink) Ruby Quartz, (Red) Apple Jasper, (Snowflake Red) Mexican Snowflake Jasper, (Spice) Goldstone, (Garnet) Mexican Lace Agate, (Brown) Tiger Iron, (Black/White) Rutilated Quartz, or (Dalmatian) Dalmatian Jasper, Brass Cubes, Handmade Oxidized Brass Earwire
  • Collection: Signature Collection
  • Length: 1 Inch

These simple, lightweight earrings pair well with every style. They are also available in 20 colors.

Every style that we carry has a matching pair of Monterey, Kelsey, & Imogene earrings. Since they're our bestsellers, we make them in complementary stones to all of our designs.

Imogene | 20 colors available